A better way to utilize and process grid data.

Open Source

GPA is a leader in the creation of Open Source Software (OSS) for electric utilities through collaborative development projects involving electric utilities, proprietary software vendors, research organizations and academia. GPA's OSS products and software components are easy for vendors to incorporate into their proprietary product offerings. GPA's OSS also supports the academic R&D business model and can be used to create new intellectual property. All GPA OSS is made available to users under the permissive MIT License.

Reliability and Innovation

GPA has a track record of innovation and has both participated in and led major software development projects with client utilities and the federal government. Since its inception in 2010, GPA has successfully developed a suite of products that are in production use supporting grid operations.

Maintenance and Service

In addition to custom application development, GPA offers services for installation, set-up, integration and on-going maintenance of its open source software. These services include 24x7 support and diagnostic services allowing clients around-the-clock access to GPA's technical experts.

Integration with other Systems

GPAs software is not only able to handle data managment and storage as an isolated system but can also integrate with a large variety of other Systems. Most utilites use a variety of Software vendors and technologies. GPAs goal is to make integration with all these Systems as simple as possible. By providing integration services, GPA's applications can ensure Utilites get the maximum value out of their PQ and Synchropahsor data even if it is distributed across multiple systems and technologies.

"Automation of routine event and disturbance analysis can produce results more quickly and accurately than traditional processes, providing the organization with more timely information to enable process improvement. "
Benefits of integrating DFR and PQ data with an asset information model that includes mapping to Planning Models, SCADA Historians, GIS databases, and Asset Management Systems / GA Tech Fault and Analytics Conference 2021

Recent News Stories

GPA Product Announcements and other newsworthy developments at GPA.

Response to global Microsoft and Crowdstrike Outage

Most GPA Products are deployed on Premise and not affected by the ongoing global outage. Any openHistorian and openXDA systems hosted by GPA for our clients are also not affected by this outage. A small number of deployments using Microsoft services for authentication may be partially affected.

Users Group
Synchrophasor User's Group is Back

We are exctied to finally host our synchrophasor usersgroup meeting again.

Product Preview
New Generation of GPA Synchrophasor Products

GPA is announcing a new generation of synchrophasor products, including brand new verions of openHistorian and openPDC