Grid Protection Alliance
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Preview of openMIC EE

August 2021
Product Preview

GPA is working on a new, improved version of openMIC. For those having an openMIC support Agreement we will be releasing our first version of openMIC Enterprise Edition this Fall. openMIC EE is based on the openSource openMIC application but also includes propriatary features to communicate with a larger and more diverse fleet of field devices, such as DFRs, Relays and PQ meters.


With the increase of network connected devices there is a growing need to poll thousands and tens of thousands of devices for PQ event and trending data. To increase speed and reliability of openMIC GPA has added multi-node capability. This means multiple instances of openMIC can work together to poll field devices faster and more often. A big advantage of multi-node capability is higher resilience since a single server failing no longer takes down the entire system. Loads are distributed dynamically and the system automatically re-distributes tasks onto running servers and ensures all field devices continue to be polled for data.

New Live Data Screens

GPA has developed a number of new screens that allow engineers and operators to look at the current measurements taken by field devices. These screens can be used for on-the-spot troubleshooting of PQ issues or for validation of metering during substation and equipment commissioning.

In Addition other GPA Products that are part of the openXDA suite of tools are recieving critical field device health information to allow system engineers to identify and respond to metering problems faster and more targeted.

Support of New Hardware

GPA has developed openMIC interfaces to communicate with the following field devices in addition to those already interfacing with openMIC:

  • Dranetz Encore 6100
  • SCHNEIDER ION Power Quality Meters
  • SAETEC Power Quality Analyzers