Grid Protection Alliance
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Christoph Lackner Becomes Operating Officer at GPA

October 2021

Today, Russell Robertson announced he is stepping back from his day-to-day duties at GPA and is handing most of his responsibilities to Dr. Christoph Lackner. Mr. Robertson will remain as a principal at GPA and will continue to be engaged in planning and special assignments, but he will no longer be leading projects and interacting routinely with GPA's clients.
Dr. Lackner has accepted the position of Operating Officer at GPA. He'll be retaining his duties as Lead Engineer as he takes on this new role and will continue to develop new GPA products. Dr. Lackner has contributed significantly to multiple GPA projects and products since joining GPA in 2019.
Mr. Robertson is one of the founding partners of GPA which was formed in late 2009 when he retired from the Tennessee Valley Authority. He is looking forward to this extended sabbatical to work on innovative ways to make utility operating data more accessible and easier to analyze in both production and ad-hoc engineering and scientific applications. He'll also be seeking out new collaborations within the electric industry to add stability and predictability to the maintenance and support of GPA's open source products, and he'll be working on the force multiplier of GPA's open source software documentation to improve its quality and ease of navigation.