Grid Protection Alliance
Grid Solutions Division

openXDA Suite of Tools and Fault Location Analysis with GIS Data

April 2023

GPA’s Senior Analyst Stephen Wills and his colleagues had the honor of presenting a paper on the advantages of GIS integration into automated fault location analysis in the openXDA suite of tools at the 25th Georgia Tech Fault Disturbance Analysis Conference.
With improvements in substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) such as power quality monitors (PQMs) and digital fault recorders (DFRs) and with the increased deployment of these devices, many utilities now have a large number of devices providing power quality (PQ) data and DFR data. As the number of these devices grows, utilities have started using this data for various business and operational applications, including fault location analysis.
With the increase in use cases, information integration has enabled processes to be established to automate data integration opportunities to include static and dynamic data from various operational and enterprise systems, such as the Geographic Information System (GIS).
The paper introduces one of the major advantages of GPA’s openXDA 3.0 which can integrate with various operational and corporate systems, including GIS. To learn more about the advantages of integrating various sources of data into your power quality tools, you can reach out to GPA at info@gridprotectionalliance.org or thorugh our website.
GPA would also like to thank TVA for their support in developing these analysis techniques, and their continued support for developing open source software for the electric utility industry.