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GPA Technology & Product Documentation

GPA Technology

Synchrophasor Products

Power Quality and Disturbance Analysis Products

Security Products

  • SIEGate - Secure Information Exchange Gateway
  • ARMORE Applied Resiliency for More Trustworthy Grid Operation(DOE-OE-676)
  • openSPM - Security Patch Management

Other Products

For GPA Wiki Content Developers

Every product will be treated as a separate namespace. Edit this page to view namespace names. The Dokuwiki syntax.

Style / Coaching
  • This is documentation – not marketing – and the style should be instructive with short sentences and content divided up into logical blocks. “No marketing” means that it is never appropriate to use “very” or any of its synonyms.
  • The objective is that the “overview” section of each product can be content that's posted on Github with links back into this Wiki.
    • In the Github mode – cross product links will keep the user in the Github ecosystem
    • Once one clicks on the details – they are tossed over into the GPA Product Wiki
  • The audience is either:
    • For products – Someone wanting to install and use the product
    • For technology – Someone wanting to write code.
      • The objective is to convert GPA content into many “one page” topics.
      • The more topics and the more heavily cross-linked they are the better. A page that is a well-annotated list-of-links is the ideal wikipage.
      • Reading the Wikipedia Style Guide is a good way to get started.

      Recommend that you use the playground to experiment with creating Wiki content.

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