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Phasor Data Concentrator

openPDCGitHub Repository

The openPDC is a high-performance data concentrator platform for managing streaming synchrophasor and other time-series data in real-time.

The openPDC has been in production use since 2004. It has a proven performance record and it continues to be on a steep improvement curve. Like all GPA products, the openPDC is open source, with no licensing costs so that the system can be easily tested prior to making production implementation commitments.

See: openPDC Overview

NoSQL Time-Series Data Storage


The openHistorian is a back office system designed to efficiently archive SCADA, synchrophasor and other process control data to support real-time grid operations and post-operation analysis. The openHistorian is optimized to store large volumes of time-stamped data quickly and efficiently.

See: openHistorian Overview

Secure Information Exchange Gateway for Electric Grid Operations

SIEGateGitHub Repository

SIEGate is a security-centric appliance designed from the ground up to reliably exchange the information necessary to support real-time control room operations. SIEGate can exchange measurement data (ID, time, value, quality), alarm and notification data as well as batch or file-based data. As compared to current utility practices, SIEGate significantly improves security while reducing the administrative burden and cost to exchange grid data among control rooms.

See: SIEGate Overview

Secure Buffered Gateway

substationSBGGitHub Repository

The substationSBG couples the features of the openPDC and SIEGate to form a purpose-built, high-availability data gateway for use in substations. It is both a substation PDC with a local data historian and a phasor gateway to enable the secure, reliable communication of synchrophasor data from the substation to the control center. It has been extensively tested on fan-less substation computers for both 32 and 64 bit processors using either Windows or Linux operating systems.

Synchrophasor Stream Splitter

Stream SplitterGitHub Repository

The Synchrophasor Stream Splitter is used to generate multiple data streams from a single synchrophasor stream source. This service based application consumes an incoming stream of synchrophasor data (e.g., from a substation with limited bandwidth where sending multiple streams would be impractical) and redistributes the stream as many times as needed.


PDQTrackerGitHub Repository

PDQTracker is a high-performance, real-time data processing engine designed to raise alarms, track states, store statistics, and generate reports on both the availability and accuracy of streaming synchrophasor data. PDQ Tracker will work with any vendor’s PDC and synchrophasor data infrastructure; measure and automatically produce periodic reports on phasor data completeness and correctness; alarm and/or create emails in real-time if data quality problems are detected.


openECAGitHub Repository

openECA reduces the cost and accelerates the deployment and on-going development of real-time decision support tools, automated control systems and off-line planning systems that incorporate phasor data. openECA was released in the Fall of 2017 following the end of DOE sponsored project DE-OE-778.

See: openECA Overview

Communications Testers

Communications Test ToolsGitHub Repository
                                                    STTP Connection Tester on Github

Classic Synchrophasor Protocols - The PMU Connection Tester verifies that a data stream from a synchrophasor measurement device can be successfully received and parsed. The PMU connection tester supports multiple phasor data protocols including: IEEE C37.118 (all versions), IEEE 1344, BPA PDCstream, SEL Fast Message, UT-K FNET streaming data protocol, IEC 61850-90-5 and Macrodyne.

Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol - The STTP Connection Tester is a multi-platform graphical application that can be used to verify connectivity to applications that host an implementation of the Streaming Telemetry Transport Protocol (STTP) data publisher engine. The STTP Connection Tester can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. See Using STTP Connection Tester documentation for more details.

A communications test application is also available for the Gateway Exchange Protocol (GEP) which was a predecessor GPA publish-subscribe streaming-data protocol to STTP. GEP has been part of GPA products since 2012. While STTP is preferred, GEP remains supported as a production protocol by all GPA synchrophasor products.


Additional Phasor Products and Tools


Network Operating Center Dashboard - Phasor Alarm Project On GitHub

The Network Operating Center (NOC) Dashboard is a Grafana Phasor Alarm panel that shows the status of PMUs connected to the openHistorian. The NOC Dashboard requires the openHistorian Data Source plugin.


Azure Cloud Adapter - GitHub Repository

To better support machine learning and other data science studies, the GPA developed a time-series configurable adapter for sending JSON-formatted communications to cloud-based service providers such as Microsoft Azure. This adapter includes customizable date, data, and meta-data formatting. The adapter has been tested using a real-time stream from about 80 PMUs (at 30 samples-per-second). The adapter is included with all GPA time-series products but is also available as a standalone service using Time-Series Library Cloud IO service.


Signal-to-Noise Ratio Report - GitHub Repository

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Unbalance Report - GitHub Repositoryb

The openHistorian Unbalance (UB) Report summarises the UB factors computed based on the available Phasor data. The Report allows engineers to track unbalanace across months and years and shows trends in UB that can indicate system issues.


Historian Comparison Utility - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian Archive Comparison tool, automatically included with an openHistorian installation, is used to compare two separate openHistorian archives and produce a report of differences. When two or more openHistorian instances are configured to archive the same data, e.g., in a highly available environment, this tool can be used to produce a report on archive consistency.


Historian COMTRADE Utility - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian COMTRADE Import Utility, automatically included with an openHistorian installation, is a web-based tool used to import a COMTRADE file into the openHistorian. This tool will automatically create tags for each of the defined COMTRADE records and import the data so that it available for analysis.


Historian Conversion Utility - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian Archive Upgrade tool, automatically included with an openHistorian installation, is used to convert version 1.0 openHistorian files into the new 2.0 file format. When upgrading to the openHistorian v2.0 from older time-series archives, e.g., the 1.0 openHistorian that included with the openPDC, this tool can be used to migrate the old data to the newer more higher performance format.

OH Walker

Historian Data Walker - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian Data Walker can be used to query an openHistorian archive for a time range and list of desired points.


Historian Performance Report - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian Performance Statistics Reporting tool is used to generate data quality for synchrophasor installations and is automatically included with all GPA synchrophasor products. All GPA synchrophasor products are configured to automatically archive performance statistics related to device connections, when enabled this reporting tool will run nightly to produce a data availability and/or data quality report. Note that this tool operates against a v1.0 openHistorian archive.


Historian Playback Utility - GitHub Repository

The openHistorian Playback Utility is used to stream and/or export data from a v1.0 openHistorian archive and is included with GPA synchrophasor products, e.g., the openPDC. The tool is used to export selected signals from a given time-range to a CSV file using a custom format and/or stream the data to a socket for replay purposes.


openPDC Configuration Import Utility - SEL Import Utility On GitHub

The openPDC Configuration Import utility takes SEL PDC configuraiton information and imports it into openPDC configuration. It is distributed along with the openPDC.


No Internet Fix Utility - GitHub Repository

The No-Internet File Utility tool is used to update GPA products to better operate on a system that does not have access to an Internet connection and is automatically included with all GPA products. GPA products use TLS certificates and executable code signing which will automatically attempt Internet based validation, without an Internet connection these types of operations will timeout and cause slower than normal start times. The No-Internet File Utility tool can be used to bypass specific Internet based validations for GPA tools to increase product load times.

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